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Four Good Reasons to Verify Bar Codes
  1. Improve Quality

    To ensure maximum reliability in the interface between bar code printing and scanning technologies.

    To meet ISO 9000 requirements.

  2. Increase Productivity

    To achieve high first-time read rates

    To minimize the probability of operator injury due to repetitive motion

  3. Avoid Unnecessary Costs of Goods

    To enable less skilled labor costs; to reduce the possiblity of extra labor costs for remarking .

    To minimize costs of returned products, such as repackaging and shipping.

    To avoid compliance penalties and production line shutdowns.

  4. Achieve more accurate MIS information for more informed decisions

    To improve the quality of the entire AIDC system which is compromised by faulty scanning.

Can you identify the good bar code?
Can You Identify the Good Barcode?
If you're printing bar codes --
don't you want to be sure they scan correctly?


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